I am a computer engineer and an expert trader. When I started the journey with engineering, I started trading. I used to give my time for trading whenever I use to be free. After getting into this I felt like I will deposit little amount and trade but I was in loss one after the other. Then I started hunting for courses for trading. I was not focused on one particular way of trading. My actions are based on the principle that nothing can be gained if one never dares to move forward in taking a risk Do you have the desire to achieve mega-success? If your answer is a categorical yes, the battle is half-won. Focus on one strategy and practice with the same strategy, you will get to know the ups and downs of your strategy. Always refine your strategy and make notes of each and every trades and update. Never lookup for the best, make whatever you have the best. Never invest the money without having knowledge about the market.​ Start your journey today. When you do, I’ll guarantee you one thing: within a short time of seemingly not changing anything, you will end up changing everything.

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